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Current Litters
F2 Savannah Kittens 
Born 5/14/14
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F3 Savannah Kittens
Expected 7/14
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F4 Savannah Kittens
Expected Fall 2014
F5 Savannah Kittens
Expected Fall 2014

Savannah Cat Price:

        Female Savannah kittens                 Male Savannah Kittens          
        F2 Females $4,000         F2 Males $4,000
        F3 Female $2000         F3 Males $2,000
        F4 Female $1,000         F4 Males $1,000
        F5 Female $750         F5 Males $5,000



We accept reservations and pre-orders on a first come first serve basis. Customers pre-ordering “breeder quality” Savannah cats and kittens will always receive pick over the entire litter and will have first choice of any kitten they choose.

 Breeder Pricing:

        Female Savannah kittens               Male Savannah Kittens (pre-order only)        
        F2 Females $7,000 - $9000          N/A
        F3 Female $4,000 – $6500         N/A
        F4 Female $2,000 – $3,500          N/A
        F5 Female $1,200         F5 Males -$5,000   Please contact us



If you have been waiting for one of our Northeast Exotic Savannah Cats, Please do not wait until our litters are born to inquire, Our litters generally sell out fast, most litters are already fully reserved by the time they are born. When looking to purchase a Savannah Cat as a breeder this is especially important as our waiting list for breeders can sometimes reach 10-12 months in length. For more information or to reserve your Savannah Cat now, please use the link to our contact form below.